Friday, 25 September 2009

PPL Training Programs Clickbank Giveaway

(English version)
Today I got an email from the good news of my good colleague (Asnawi)
concerning the opening of the program Pay Per Lead $ 1 per lead that you generate. This program is offered by an SEO expert from abroad who named Mr. Bill McRea. He has created a training package in the form of audio products on how to make money through ClickBank.

Asnawi and I know he had 3 times following the PPL (Pay Per Lead) and the original in this pay. Although this is a first for me personally but I do not want mensia-waste this opportunity and share with you. (PPL) technology that will pay you

This product is called
ClickBank Training Giveaway... and the good news ... you can get $ 97 worth of products with FREE. And you can even get a commission when you become an affiliate and ask people to download a free package of this product. You'll be paid $ 1 per person is eligible to download the ClickBank product packages Giveaway Training this.

How to register to be able to download a FREE product package and follow the program of CB PPL Training Giveaway are:

1. Click the click here / image next

2. Enter your full name and e-mail address is still active and then click the "Instant Download"
3. Then will come another product offering pages from Mr. Bill McRea. You can buy these products or ignored aja (myself ignored by the Close and continued with Check email confirmation).
4. Check e-mail confirmation sent by Mr. Bill McRea (McRea Marketing, inc.) In the e-mail there is a link that is connected to the download page and application products to affiliate Click the link in the email.
5. You can download the product package for free (rather large file of about 33.5 MB and I managed to download the file) or you can download at a later time. All you have to do is register as an affiliate by clicking on the link "Become a McRea Marketing Affiliate" on that page.

6. Next will open the page that contains the application form. Fill the application form according to your actual data. Fill in Only the bold, including: name, e-mail, address (address 1), the city of residence (city / town), province, zipcode, country, security verification (the contents of a random code), and do not forget to check the option "pay me with paypal "and enter your e-mail address Paypal if you do not have paypal click here (because paypal was speaking Indonesia).
7. Next Click the "Click Here to Join" to submit your registration form, (if open other website
ignored by the Close and continued with Check email confirmation).
8. Next you check your e-mail address to get a username, password, and address of the link to log into your affiliate area.
9. Please log in your affiliate area and look for affiliate links to products "ClickBank Training Giveaway". Promote the link to get the commission $ 1 per person that include a name and e-mail at that site via your affiliate link.

Well, that's all you need to do to follow this PPL program. This program runs from September 21 to October 12, 2009. Commission payments made on 4 November 2009. $ 10 minimum payment, this means you only have a lead of at least 10 people who will receive payment.

So wait let alone immediately join through the link I click here and promote your link to get FREE DOLLARS from this program.

Finally, I hope this valuable information used my best to get a FREE training package and the opportunity to get FREE MONEY. It is unfortunate if you missed it!

Hopefully helpful,

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