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Controversy Films 2012, His name is Roland Emmerich

Doomsday 2012 became a national controversy. Starting from the film, scientific predictions, the issue is, until the spiritual interpretation. Who is the culprit behind the 2012 movie Apocalypse.

His name is Roland Emmerich. He was of German descent. Known as a director, writer and producer with a talent special effects-based action.

2012, a science fiction film inspired by the work of Maya ramalam Emmerich. Within a few days, this film became the box office and reap trillions of rupiah.

Besides frenzy, 2012 also spread anxiety and debate around the world. Especially about the prophecy that the last day falls on 21, month 12, year 2012.

Film 2012 Emmerich was not the first film which tells about the Resurrection. Previously, Emmerich made two films about the destruction of the world, namely Independence Day (1996) and The Day after Tomorrow (2004). The film grew making Emmerich 2012 known as the specialist sutradra Hour film.

Emmerich was born and educated in West Germany. He studied directing at the Munich Film and Television School in 1977. His first film, called The Noah's Ark Principle made when he was a student.

The film played at the Berlin Film Festival in 1984 and became a favorite. After that, Emmerich film production company founded Centropolis and supernatural fantasy films Making Contact (1986) and Ghost Chase (1987), and the action film Moon 44 (1990).

He started his solo debut in Hollywood by directing Jean-Claude Van Damme in cyborg action movie Universal Soldier (1992). Then, he and actor Dean Devlin to make the film Stargate (1994).

This film tells about the wanderings of ancient Egyptiana mixing chamber and high-tech magic. Stargate became an unexpected hit.

Emmerich then again surprised with the next film, Independence Day (1996). In the film, Emmerich fantasize about the White House porakp-skelter and the emergence of an alien aircraft flying saucer-shaped UFO that destroyed a symbol of American statehood.

In the movie Will Smith's dibintang, the capital city in ruins because of an alien attack. Emmerich also made three UFOs to attack the major cities of the world; New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Moscow and New Delhi.

Two years later, Emmerich makes a surprise by making the film Godzilla (1998) in a more creative version. Through Godzila, Emmerich destroy the city of New York by creating a fictional monster that became legendary Japanese film and has become one of the most famous film characters of all time.

Success with Godzila, Emmerich and Devlin turned his movie into the next lower technology by making films that tell about the American revolution, The Patriot (2000).

Four years later, Emmerich flatten the entire United States through the film The Day After Tomorrow. He returned to create fear through the story end result of global warming. This film had ranked 45th in the world in total income, which is 542,771,772 U.S. dollars.

Well, at the end of 2009 this end, Emmerich re-present the story of the destruction of the world with the 2012 film. This film tells about the end-time predictions based on the Mayan calendar. And the world excited about it.

Roland Emmerich has a mansion in Los Angeles, Manhattan, London, and Stuttgart.

Daily activities: decorate the house, painting a person with such a strange picture memorabilia, murals and portraits of figures at a dictator, communist, or World War II.

Emmerich also has collections of paintings strange picture. Like, the painting of Jesus Christ who was wearing Katharine Hamnett T-shirt during the crucifixion and the painting of Princess Diana in lewd poses and was doing sexual activity.

He also has a wax statue of Pope John Paul II was laughing when reading his own obituary and also display images Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a homo-erotic poses.

Emmerich was a homo. Active liberal outlook on life. In several interviews, Emmerich stated that he did not have any confidence in the work. What he made, is a reflection of the "craze for art with a political edge".

Emmerich said he witnessed what happened racism openly when producers and studio executives he was opposed to the casting of Will Smith, to be a major role in the movie Independence Day garapannya.

He also denied ever describe a interracial couple in the film The Day After Tomorrow.

Emmerich admitted, he had experienced homophobia. But he was always vocal in the position that homonya behavior. He said that sometimes he "(Do not like to work) in the movie business."

This is then described that his job "very cold, brutal business." But, he always motivate myself to remain a director in a way felt really "like making a movie."

In 2006, Emmerich promised U.S. $ 150,000 for a campaign dedicated to the preservation of films gays and lesbians.

Emmerich also make a donation on behalf of Outfest, making the largest gift in the history of the festival. In the year 2007, on behalf of the LGBT community (an association of homosexual), he held a fundraiser in Los Angeles for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Emmerich was a Jew. He advocates a campaign of action for the stunt also receive recognition at the Academy Awards. He also has worked to increase public awareness on the issue of global warming through the film The Day After Tomorrow.

Although he was a heavy smoker who has been known to always smoked four packs a day, it Emmerich himself often include characters who want to stop smoking in his movies. He also always reminded of the dangers of tobacco use.

Along with several other celebrities, he is the producer of The 1 Second Film, a nonprofit project aimed at raising money for women's rights in developing countries.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Pameran Komputer

Pameran Komputer Indocomtech

Seperti tahun lalu dan beberapa bulan yang lalu, kali ini pada bulan November 2009 tepatnya pada tgl. 04-08 November 2009 akan berlangsung Pameran Komputer dengan ajang dari indocomtech dan sponsor utamanya dyandra.

Saya selalu rutin setiap tahun pasti mengikuti ajang pameran komputer yang diadakan 3 kali dalam setahun dan biasanya pada bulan Maret, Juli dan November setiap tahunnya, kecuali 2-3 tahun belakangan ini dikarenakan bulan November berpapasan dengan bulan Romadhon.

Pertama kali saya mengikuti ajang pameran komputer sejak kuliah pada tahun 2001 dan hingga kini. Dahulu (pertama kali saya ikut melihat pameran) hingga tahun 2005 atau 2006 (saya lupa tepatnya) Pameran komputer tersebut tidak pernah meminta pengunjungnya untuk membeli tiket masuk namun setelah itu hingga terakhir (4 bulan yang lalu) pemeran tersebut dikenakan biaya 5000 per 1 orang. Namun yang mengejutkan adalah pameran bulan ini (entah ke depannya bagaimana) tiketnya dikenakan 10.000 (10ribu) untuk sabtu dan minggu dan rabu sampai jumat 5 ribu (info dari indocomtech dan detailnya klik di sini). Waduh kok ajang pameran ini jadi ajang memanfaatkan dengan mengambil kesempatan kaya begini di mana hari sabtu dan minggu adalah ramainya pengunjung. waduh.

Berikut agenda acara pemeran tersebut yang di ambil dari web indocomtech
14.00 - 16.00 PEMBUKAAN GRAND FINAL KI HAJAR & FESTIVAL E-PENDIDIKAN oleh Bpk LILIK GANI (Kepala Pustekom) @ Main Stage
14.00 - 16.00 Ajang kompetisi untuk menjaring siswa/i SMP/MTs/Paket B yang berpotensi dan berbakat di seluruh Indonesia sebagai DUTA Ki Hajar @ Main Stage
16.00 - 18.00 Talkshow "The Revolution of Technology : Past, Present, Future" By Jonathan Ybanez, oleh @ Main Stage

Workshop Qnap oleh Astrindo @ Workshop Room
14.00 - 16.00 Papercraft Building & Demonstration by Paper Replika @ Main Stage | CP : Julius 0813 14184887
16.00 - 17.30 Workshop Edu-Reporter by Pustekom @ Main Stage
10.00 - 18.00 Workshop "Digital Imaging Basic Photography" by Techlife Magazine @ Workshop room | CP : Wine 0878 852 99373
16.00 - 18.00 Seleksi Finalis Edu-Reporter @ Main Stage
19.00 - 20.00 Talkshow "Facebook vs Twitter" oleh PC Plus Magazine @ Main Stage
10.00 - 18.00 Workshop "Digital Imaging Basic Photography" by Techlife Magazine @ Workshop room | CP : Wine 0878 852 99373
19.30 - 21.00 Workshop "Design your First Paper Model" by Paper-Replika @ Workshop room | CP : Julius 0813 14184887
11.30 - 13.00 Papercraft Building & Demonstration by Paper Replika @ Main Stage | CP : Julius 0813 14184887
14.30 - 16.30 Talkshow CLOUD COMPUTING - LIVING IN EXPONENTAL TIMES by Jonathan Ybanez, oleh @ Main Stage
19.00 - 20.00 Awarding "CHIP INTEL PC MODDING" by Chip Magazine @ Main Stage | CP : Bagus 0812 898 6820
13.00 - 15.30 Workshop "Design your First Paper Model" by Paper-Replika @ Workshop room | CP : Julius 0813 14184887
16.00 - 20.00 Workshop "GAMERZONE - OVERCLOCK+GAMER" by ASTRINDO @ Workshop room | CP : Kunti 0818 263 688

  • Indocomtech National Overclocking Contest, CP Dicky 0818 644 960
  • Pra-Olimpiade Robot by ROCI (Robot Organizing Commitee Indonesia), CP Agus 081911333311
  • Game Online Competition oleh majalah PCPLUS, CP Sena: 0858.8565.8698 Game yang dilombakan :
    • WAR ROCK
  • Seminar Nasional Hackers Day oleh Majalah INFOKOM, CP Pandan 5330170 ext 31431
  • Festival & Anugerah E-Pendidikan oleh Pustekkom, CP Melinda 0815 1963 1935
  • PC-Modding competition oleh majalah CHIP, CP Bagus 0817 097 1829

Semoga informasi ini bermanfaat,

10 Bank Terbesar di Indonesia

Silahkan Membaca Blog ini dan InsyaAlloh Bermanfaat untuk yang membaca.

Berdasarkan informasi dari beberapa situs media komunikasi seperti detikdotcom, kompasdotcom dan situs berita lainnya.

Ternyata 10 Bank terbesar di indonesia mengalami naik turun. Yang saya salut adalah Bank BRI karena dia adalah bank pemerintah dengan dukungan dari rakyat kecil sangup mengalahkan BCA yang ada di posisi 3 dan bank-bank lainnya (selamat BRI).

Daftar 10 Bank dengan aset terbesar di Indonesia berdasarkan data nilau rupiah saya copy dari artikel berita namun karena mereka mencantunkan nama perusahaan (bukan nama bank) maka saya inisiatif mengubah nama perusahaannya menjadi gambar logo perbankannya, Ok ini dia ke 10 besarnya :
1. Rp 346,124 triliun.
2. Rp 268,700 triliun, naik dari Rp 250,134 Desember 2008.
3. Rp 266,202 dari Rp 246,702 triliun (Desember 2008).
4. Rp 204,364 triliun dari Rp 200,974 triliun.
5. Rp 100,496 triliun dari Rp 69,305 triliun.
6. Rp 97,161 turun dari Rp 104,842 triliun.
7. Rp 69,671 triliun dari Rp 63,628 triliun.
8. Rp 54,381 dari Rp 54,220 triliun.
9. Rp 54,291 triliun dari Rp 54,068 triliun.
10. Rp 53,055 triliun dari Rp 53,503 triliun.

Kita doakan agar ke depan dunia Perbankan Syariah di Indonesia juga dapat masuk 10 besar amiiinn....amin...ya robbal alamin.

Terimakasih sudah membaca artikel ini,


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